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BSX® was launched in 2007 and stands for Black Stallion® Xtreme. This bold series of extreme welding protection is as good-looking as it is functional. It features eye-catching flame designs, bold colors, and an enhanced fit and feel. BSX® promises to forge new ground in quality, innovation and style with a full line of revolutionary gloves, garments and accessories. With the addition of the AngelFire® women's line of welding protection, BSX® offers something for everyone.


Revco Industries New AngelFire™ line is an innovative series of premium welding protection products designed exclusively for women. Finally, women can break free from male attire and work more safely in clothes tailored to fit a woman’s body. No more clumsy gloves. No more oversized jackets. No more sparks down the collar. AngelFire™ gear features warm chocolate brown color and smaller sizes to appeal directly to women. This new fashionable line of welding products will invigorate enthusiasm among woman welders who, up until now, have been limited to wearing bulky jackets made to fit men. A woman’s unique fit is only part of the appeal of the AngelFire series. With a reputation for excellence in the welding industry, Revco has raised the bar by designing high-caliber features into the new line.


The result is an unrivaled combination of comfort, fit and protection previously unavailable. The new Firefly™ TIG glove features an innovative flame resistant backing with a padded DragPatch™ for the ultimate in leading-edge protection. It maximizes control and dexterity critical to TIG welding, by utilizing premium grade goatskin and incorporating a seamless index finger into the glove’s snug fit construction. The new VelvetArc™ welding jacket introduces many industry firsts into a single FR (flame resistant) garment for women. It features adjustable waist straps to provide maximum fit, a stand-up welder’s collar, slant-opening scribe pockets, and a zippered inner pocket.

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