Leathers for gloves

Stick Welding Gloves

Cowhide, due to its heavier cuts and density, is the typical leather of choice for stick welding gloves. Other leathers including elkskin and pigskin are also used. A common characteristic among them for stick gloves is sufficient thickness, which is needed to provide durability and protection. In addition, stick gloves are usually 14 inches in length and insulated on both the palm and back sides. 


MIG Welding Gloves

Medium thickness leathers achieve the balance between protection and dexterity required for MIG welding. Leathers for MIG welding gloves include deerskin, pigskin, goatskin, and fine-cut cowhide. Traditional MIG gloves have shorter cuffs than stick gloves and are constructed without insulation. However, our newer MIG styles include insulation on the back of the hand. 


TIG Welding Gloves

Due to the precise nature of TIG welding, these gloves require thin-cut leathers that provide maximum dexterity. Our selection of leathers includes kidskin, goatskin, and split deerskin. TIG gloves are traditionally crafted to be more form fitting and are shorter in length than stick and MIG gloves. Some of our newest styles carry insulation on the back of the hand. 


Mechanic’s Gloves

A combination of materials offers a variety of performance choices to our perfect fitting mechanic’s gloves. Genuine leather styles are generally more durable with grain or split cowhide, goatskin, and pigskin, while synthetic leather choices offer more dexterity and washability. The more advanced styles offer specialty features such as impact protection, vibration dampening, and cut resistance. 


Driver’s Gloves

Supple medium cut grain/split cowhide, pigskin, elkskin, and goatskin all provide the performance and durability needed for the general utility driver’s gloves offer. Not only do driver’s gloves sport a classic design, their full leather coverage offers great protection and durability that has been proven over many generations. 

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