Special Glove Features






A Revco® design of built-in heat shields primarily found on select welding gloves as a convenient layer of added protection against heat and sparks.



A Revco® original side reinforcement found on select welding gloves that provides extra abrasion resistance and insulation while the hand is resting on or sliding across a welding surface.

Heat Stand Offs™

Heat Stand Offs™®    

A Revco® original feature designed to create an insulating air pocket, separating the hottest point of the backpad from the back of the hand. Exclusive to Revco’s high performance backpad, the BX-BP.

Kevlar® Stitching

Kevlar® Stitching

Specialized stitching found on higher quality welding and specialty gloves that offers greater protection against sparks than nylon thread and better abrasion resistance than cotton thread.



A Revco® design meant to offer comfort, padded protection, and greater flexibility across the knuckle area. Primarily found on select driver’s and mechanic’s gloves.

Pre-Curved Fit

Pre-Curved Fit ®

Ergonomically constructed pattern with sidewall constructed fingers to better conform to the natural curve of the hand. Found on select styles of welding and mechanic’s gloves.



A Revco® original built-in padding for the wrist (and forearm in some styles) found primarily on select welding gloves that offer the wearer added comfort and insulation during long welding sessions.

Seamless Index Finger

Seamless Index Finger ®

A design that places the seam of the index finger farther away from the working area, leaving the finger smooth and clear for unobstructed dexterity. Found on select welding, mechanic’s, and driver’s gloves.

Sidewall Construction

Sidewall Construction®

A construction consisting of discrete pieces of material for the sides of the fingers. Found primarily on mechanic’s and higher-end welding gloves, this pattern helps achieve a more three-dimensional fit. Also known as fourchettes.

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