• Everlast Power i MIG 275P

Intended for those customers that are interested in a truly versatile MIG or for those interested only in MIG welding Aluminium, the Power i-MIG 275P incorporates many advanced features and capabilities that far exceed most MIG welders in it's class. Beginning with a serious 50% duty cycle at 275 amps via dual fan cooling, this unit packs an industrial level punch without being overly large or dependent upon an intergrated undercarriage to move it around. The digitally controlled IGBT component design delivers a stable, low spatter arc with the ability to weld with wire diamters from .023" to .045" with the standard supplied drive rolls. Added to the same MIG features of Synergic and manual welding modes that you will find on the Power i-MIG 275S, the Power i-MIG 275P features an additional pulse MIG mode. This single pulse mode is fully adjustable, with adjustments for pulse voltage, pulse time-on and pulse frequency and can be used to weld metals quickly and out of position without overheating them. If you are new to the idea of MIG pulse, pulse is typically used in areas where the Axial spray process is desired, but due to the heat and inabilty to weld out of position it is prohibited. A single-pulse MIG varies the voltage of the unit between two preset voltage levels. The other pulse controls control the duration and frequency of the pulse and are adjusted so that the MIG arc transfer transitions to spray, but drops out of spray range and settles to a globular transfer range long enough to cool the puddle, but not transfer any metal. This pulse mode is typically used for welding on aluminium or stainless where heat issues are problems with traditional spray arc process. In addition to the pulse mode, the Power i-MIG 275P the unit supports both spool gun and push-pull gun operation for both the hobbyist and the industrial level professional interested in using it for Aluminium welding. Besides the standard manual mode, with the push-pull or spool gun connected, the user has the choice of pulse and for synergic operation. For ease of set-up with multiple users or applications, the unit is also able to store up to 9 different programs. Adjustable burn back, automatic pre/post gas flow, and inductance control also are included so that the user can completely customize and fine tune the MIG's performance. In addition to the already excellent list of MIG features and performance, the Power i-MIG 275P also has a stick welding mode, which includes a E6010/Cellulose mode, hot star adjustments and arc force control.


Features & Benefits

  • Synergic GMAW/SMAW Operation (MIG/Stick)
  • Single Pulse MIG welding capability up to 250 Hz
  • Industrial duty cycle of 50% at 275A
  • Spot and Stitch timers
  • Burn back control
  • Heavy Duty Cast aluminum feed mechanism with true 4 roll driven feeding
  • Euro Quick connect series 36 MIG gun (Binzel/Trafimet compatable)
  • Arc force control useful for fine tuning arc characteristics in MIG and Stick modes
  • Dual Digital Display allows precise and repeatable setting of welding parameters
  • Suitcase size, holds a 12" (30-44 lbs) roll of welding wire, or can use an 8" (10-12 lbs) with an adapter
  • Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter with programmable memory

Standard Equipment

  • 12 ft. (4m) 36 series MIG gun with Euro quick-connect
  • Workclamp with cable
  • Stick Electrode Holder
  • Ar/CO₂ Regulator
  • Spare Contact Tip
  • Spare drive rolls from .023" to .045" hard wire

Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Home shop
  • Automotive garages/ Muffler shops
  • Fabrication/Industrial manufacturing.
  • Boat/ship building where quick laydown of aluminum is needed
  • Farm
  • Motorsports/Speed shops
  • Factory Repair/Maintenance

Recommended Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless
  • Chrome Moly
  • Aluminium (With optional spool or push-pull guns)


Type Digital/Micro-controlled IGBT Inverter
Output /Process Type MIG, Stick
Voltage/phase 220/240 V 1 PHASE
Max Rated MIG Amps 275A
Max Rated Stick Amps 200A
MIG Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle 275A/30V @ 50% Duty Cycle/ 40° C
250A/26.5V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40° C
195A/25.6V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40° C
Stick Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle 200A/28V @ 50% Duty Cycle/40° C
180A/27.2V @ 60% Duty Cycle/40° C
140A/25.6V @ 100% Duty Cycle/40° C
Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps 48.2A
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps 35A
MIG Output Range 30–275A/ 15.5–30V
Stick Output Range 10–200A/20.4–28V
Variable MIG Inductance/Stick Arc Force Control Yes
Spool Gun Capable Yes
Pulse Single
Pulse Frequency 10–250 Hz
Pulse Time On 10–90%
Pulse Volts 50–100%
Standard Drive Roll wire size .030"–.045"
Separate wire feeder No, self contained
Number of Drive rollers 4
Max Wire Feed Speed 600IPM
Max Wire Roll Diameter 12" (full size up to 44lb)
Memory Yes
Preflow time 0–10S
Post Flow Time 0–10S
Flux Core Yes, Optional
2T/4T /Torch latch/Trigger No



Product specifications may be changed at any time without notice. We make every effort to ensure the specifications are correct, but are very dependent on Everlast Power Equipment Inc, USA for the details.


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Everlast Power i MIG 275P

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